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The Heat of the Future's Glow

Feel the Heat of the Future's Glow: A Post Rent AU
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Feel the Heat of the Future's Glow
A Post-Rent, AU, Openly Paired Roleplay
Try saying that ten times, fast.

Roger Davis played by Hillary MOD
Journal: lp_drumline7 | pretty_frontman
AIM: xBlinkinSync182x
E-Mail: tombraider5183 at hotmail dot com

Mark Cohen played by Becca MOD
Journal: isolatingage
AIM: dramagirl994
E-Mail: madam_clairvoyance at earthlink dot net

Mimi Marquez played by Steph
Journal: simplyentangled
AIM: mimimarquez09
E-Mail: stephmcrae at rogers dot com

Angel Dumott Schunard played by Lea
Journal: da_jew | lil_drummerchic
AIM: lil drummer drag
E-Mail: horatio_lives at hotmail dot com

Thomas Collins played by Zai
Journal: eudaimon
AIM: makebelievefaith
E-Mail: indigomoone at hotmail dot com

Benjamin Coffin III played by Ashley
Journal: spikelover520
AIM: SpikeLove520 | I Love Roger07
E-Mail: Take_Me_Out_Tonight_Meow at yahoo dot com

Maureen Johnson played by Alexis
Journal: i_heart_my_geek
AIM: yourfriend419
E-Mail: alexis dot iheartmygeek at gmail dot com

Joanne Jefferson played by Willow
Journal: gorgeous_slash
AIM: Willturner1327
E-Mail: SlashWillow at yahoo dot com

Alison Gray played by Kate
Journal: moowith_maureen
AIM: laingstaaa
E-Mail: takemeforwhatiam_x at yahoo dot com

Jamie Elis played by Grace
Journal: writes
AIM: failuretosuceed
E-Mail: angel83 at gmail dot com

Jenn Morgan played by Jenn
Journal: bjacrazy
E-Mail: punk_in_trunk at yahoo dot com

Aimee Winters played by Ashley
Journal: spikelover_520 | aimme_winterrox
AIM: spikelover520
E-Mail: Take_Me_Out_Tonight_Meow at yahoo dot com

Cyber Girl, aka Cy played by Sheina
Journal: indigofae
AIM: faeryboheme
E-Mail: amarokfae at gmail dot com

Andrew Tait played by Mike
Journal: 777slayer777
AIM: Ihugmonkeys11
E-Mail: Metal777 at aol dot com

Alexi Darling
Squeegee man
any other OCs